Bireme ekatontoros (Samaina)

This copy consists a proposal for the representation of the ship «Samaina». Its length is 120 cm and has fifty oars on each side, 25 on each row. It is fully equipped for combat operations, bringing the necessary armaments: shields, bows and spears. The shields are decorated with the emblem, “the spiral” (concentric circles).

Bireme ekatontoros «Samaina» during the sailing.

The most famous biremes called «Samaina» and were built in Samos, in the era of the tyrant Polycrates (538-532 BC), in his effort to make Samos an almighty sea power.

Full-martial equipment with shields, spears, bows and arrows

Stone anchors «rosary-type

Their construction was done with the prevailing method that used at that time, which called «first the shell». This type of ship had the fore post reinforced with the plunger, which had the form of a boar and was a powerful weapon, ramming the enemy ships. During the embolisation, could cause great damages to the sides of the enemy ships by immersing them.

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