Fishing Trehantiri (Sampatiera)

The type of “trehantiri” is distinguished by the curved rudder post of the bow, while the ratio width to length is 1 to 3. Is considered as the safest vessel, sailing without difficulty at any time. As has been recorded, when the first steamboats had to remain tied in port for several days due to rough seas, their schedules were performed by “trehantiria” (plural of “trehantiri” in greek). It is the most common type of vessel in the Aegean, continues to be constructed even today, in the few traditional shipyards that have remained.

Fishing Trehantiri

Fishing «trehantiri» of length 100

The capacity of “trehantiri” as sailboat reached to 250 tones, while the length of a modern one is about 8-15 meters and the capacity reaches to 40-50 tones.

Fishing Trehantiri

The keel, the frames, the beams and the strainer are distinguishe

The earliest reports, according to G.D.Kriezis, dating back to 1658. As referred by Dentes, Kriezis, Gikas, Gionis and others, after the period of captivity by pirates, they returned to Hydra and created the first “trehantiria”. The 19th century the majority of “trehantiria, were constructed in Hydra and Spetses. Ioannis Theofanidis, in his book «The Greek naval 1824-1826» on the page nr.231, says that “trehantiri” consists a descendant of “trampakoulo” which was a small sailboat in the Adriatic. This book, of course, does not deal with the issue of its origin. Similar boats with “trehantiri” have been found in several parts of the Eastern Mediterranean, North Africa and in the west coast of Turkey.

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