Trehantiri (Sakoleva)

“Trehantiri” is the most common type of boat in the Aegean, which is used nowadays mainly as fishing boat. Its characteristic feature is the curvature of the bow post, which sometimes approaches the quadrant of a circle. Its name probably comes from the word «trochantira», which refers to Byzantine texts of the 10th century m.Ch. and means the stern post.

trehtiri "sacoleva"

trehtiri «sacoleva»

Nowadays, the majority of this kind of ships has length from 8 to 15 meters and their capacity reaches to 40-50 tons. As a sailing boat, “trehantiri” reached even 250 tons capacity. As a fishing boat, usually had a mast on which there was a triangular sail, as a type with lateen or “sakoleva” and later there were two masts with two spankers and was called “lovero”. The development of the sponge fishing imposed a further variation the «michanokaiko». Its name implies the mechanical air supply to the diver.

Trehantiri” (with sailing type “bratsera”)

Trehantiri” (with sailing type “bratsera”)

The first copy has a length of 60 cm and its sailing type is «sakoleva»
The second copy has a length of 60 cm and its sailing type is «bratsera» with two spanker booms.

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