Tserniki (Mykonian xebec)

A particular type of boat in the Aegean Sea, which disappeared after the Second World War. It had acutangular stern, with one column and always with great bentinck sail. It was fast and quite resistant even in free sailing. These vessels served the transports between the islands. In the eastern coasts of Turkey were called «karamousal.»


Tserniki with sailing «sakoleva»


The keel, the frames, the beams and the strainer are distinguishe

At Symi the shipbuilding of small «Tsernikia» was intended for sponge fishing. Also, there were same types of boats but with “avaka” (mirror) in the stern post.
At Mykonos this type of vessel with sailing «sakoleva» was called «belou». («xebec»)

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